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autoPatient enables you to take control of the patient journey to grow your clinic, while enhancing every touchpoint for the patient to improve their experience. Say goodbye to ineffective one-size-fits-all marketing solutions, and grow your practice with the last software you’ll ever need for your practice.

The patient journey is made up of many touch points. Before a patient undergoes an aesthetic procedure, he/she will typically go through 8 stages in which a variety of digital and non-digital touchpoints will be involved in the final decision:


    The patient becomes aware of the treatment options to his/her problem or area of concern. Proactively addressing patients in this stage makes a huge difference in both the quantity of consultations you will attract, and in the quality of those consultations. Social media posting and advertising of educational and introductional content is highly effective.


    The patient searches for available solutions in their area. Did you know that 75% of people don’t look past the first page on Google? If your website isn’t ranking highly in search results, new patients likely aren’t finding it. But that isn’t enough, in 2022 you need a substantiated online presence to be considered. Get in front of prospective patients by maintaining a lively and engaging social media account, by ranking highly on local Google Maps, and by taking advantage of online listings including Google My Business, WebMD, Yelp, DocFinder and more.


      Congrats, you've got patients to find your website. Now what? Having a beautiful, fast-loading and high converting website is the first step. Having a positive online reputation is the next. According to autoPatient data more than 88% of patients researched their doctor and clinic before considering booking a consultation. More so, 82.9% consider a positive online reputation to be very or extremely important. When surveyed, over 70% of patients responded that they will not consider a practice with an average star rating of 4.0 out of 5. So if your practice doesn't have many, any or recent patient reviews; or worse has many negative reviews, this is likely driving patients away. With autoPatient, you can automatically send smart filtering review requests and patient satisfaction surveys that will drastically boost the number of your reviews for your practice and their star rating. Patients rarely check only one online directory such as Google for reviews, but check other directories like Facebook, Yelp and more to help influence their decision. So make sure to regularly optimize these profiles and reply to reviews in a timely manner. Using the autoPatient reputation hub, you'll have your entire online reputation in one convenient portal.


        This next stage depends on many factors but is a typical touchpoint for most aesthetic practices. The prospective patient at this point makes his/her first contact with the clinic. This can be in the form of a message, email, phone call, information/appointment request on a website contact form, or a newsletter sign up. Optimizing your website for the generation of leads is crucial. autoPatient enables you to collect leads from your web traffic for free using our multi-platform chat widget. Additionally, it’s easy to lose leads by getting stuck in the mess of too many modes of communication (SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, Email). Get rid of the clutter with our unified inbox including all platforms and keep track of all patient communication in his/her contact profile. Track phone calls as well to make sure no information gets lost between the cracks.


          At this stage the patient books a consultation. As patients have different preferences, it is important to offer them multiple methods of appointment booking to ensure the easiest and most convenient process for them. These include conversational booking through phone, email and instant messaging; self-booking using an online booking tool; and booking request forms. autoPatient powers your practice with custom booking request forms, a sleek self-booking tool and an AI conversational booking bot.


            For autoPatient users, sending automated pre-appointment reminders increases show rates by 32% on average while drastically reducing no shows and last minute cancellations. Save time and reduce in-clinic waiting times by automatically sending patients intake or other pre-consultation forms before their appointments. Make your consultations more efficient by automatically sending procedure-relevant FAQs and information beforehand as well


              Other than quality care, did you know that being a good listener is the top most important quality of a good doctor/treatment provider? (according to over 700 surveyed patients). How can you let patients know you’re a good listener? Adding the simple question: “Have I answered all your questions today?” lets the patient know you’re listening and prompts them to surface any other question or concern on their mind. It also increases your chance of getting positive feedback from the patient in a satisfaction survey. Other than being a good listener, patients prioritize short waiting times and appointment availability, a kind and welcoming staff, prompt responses to questions and concerns, flexible/late hours and the option to book appointments online. 73% of patients would switch doctors/clinics to get the qualities listed above. With autoPatient, you can gain the edge by easily keeping track of patient questions and concerns throughout every touchpoint before the consultation including phone call recordings, SMS messages, emails and social media comments. Being well prepared for the consultation will keep consultations shorter yet more effective and converting. It will free up time throughout your busy days so you can shorten the waiting times for patients. The phone call recordings, all-in-one messaging inbox and automated satisfaction surveys enable you to easily review staff communication, get feedback on the service, care and experience in your clinic, and make improvements accordingly. Your staff spend too much time answering the same questions and handling online communication? autoPatient will free your front office by automating responses to repetitive questions, and the necessary follow-up communication with interested prospective patients.


                The majority of aesthetic clinics leave a great deal of money on the table by stopping their patient communication after the consultation/appointment stage. On average, autoPatient users have 15 patients or more at any given time in a post-consultation, not ready stage. This stage refers to patients that have come in for a consultation but have yet to make a decision to undergo a procedure or treatment. By stopping the communication at the consultation stage, the majority of these 15 patient opportunities are often lost forever. But by automating personalized post-appointment communication based on the patient’s treatment of interest and concerns, autoPatient users see a conversion increase of as much as 230%. For Dr. Kish (link) this means an additional CHF 20,950/month on autopilot that would have otherwise been lost. The patient has gone through the 8 stages and is now at the procedure/treatment stage. Your clinic becomes a highly effective and remarkable clinic by taking control of the next 2 stages in the patient journey. These are:


                  At this stage, we want patients to become advocates of our clinic. Properly taking advantage of this stage means more 5 star reviews, testimonials, social sharing, recommendations and referrals. autoPatient makes this effortless for you to achieve by automating review requests to patients at the ideal time after their treatment. Our smart filtering review platform will increase your 5 star reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and more while keeping possible negative reviews internal. Send surveys to patients to show them you care while improving your service. Automatically request testimonials from patients that you can post on your website and social media accounts. Incentivize patients to share their experience on social media with our smart coupon campaigns that both make your patients your greatest salespeople, and encourage them to come back for repeat treatments.

                    autoPatient helps aesthetic clinics thrive hands off and effortlessly with an all-in-one solution that takes care of your growth so you can focus on care.

                    Your All-In-One Solution


                    We create beautiful, fast-loading, mobile-responsive and SEO-optimized websites custom to you from scratch. If you are more of a do-it-yourself person, autoPatient provides you with an easy drag and drop page builder so you can create stunning websites and landing pages easily and quickly. Selling products? Easily add products and order forms to create full-fledged ecommerce sites on autoPatient. Capture leads with our drag and drop forms and surveys. You can integrate them directly with our page builder or embed them onto your own sites with ease.


                    Getting you on top of search results with Search Engine Optimization is easier and more seamless than ever using autoPatient. Update and optimize your listings with our listings manager, or select our premium SEO add-on service for a complete hands off growth experience.

                    Social Media Advertising

                    Use our social cloud to create beautiful engaging posts and schedule them across all your accounts with the click of a button. Or, leverage our social media management and paid advertising for an immediate boost of exposure, site visits and social following.

                    Google Advertising

                    Get on top of search results immediately with our Google Ads service and get more bookings and calls than ever before.

                    Reputation Management

                    Manage your entire online reputation in one place. Send review request campaigns and patient satisfaction surveys and reply to patients across all platforms quickly and easily.

                    Unified Inbox

                    Communicate with patients and leads across all platforms in one unified inbox so you won't have to bounce between platforms. Send Facebook messages, Instagram DMs, Whatsapp messages, SMS and Emails in one place. Get notified and reply quickly so that no opportunity is left behind.


                    The major step for any aesthetic practice is capturing appointments. With our online booking tool embeddable to any website, you can power patients to book their own appointments 24/7 without a worry. The autoPatient calendar integrates directly with your Google calendar, Outlook calendar or medical software for frictionless booking in one straightforward flow.

                    Pipeline Manager

                    Using our drag and drop patient pipeline manager, you can easily keep track of where your patients are in the patient journey. With our smart automations, you can trigger personalized campaigns with a quick button click.


                    View all your contacts and their marketing data in one secure place. See all their messaging history, website activity, survey information, future and past appointments, preferences and more. Easily contact patients with the click of a button by their preferred method of communication whether phone, email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Instagram DM. Create smart lists and add tags based on sex, language, procedure of interest and more! Use these tags to trigger bulk actions such as SMS or email campaigns, review requests and more.

                    Chat Widget

                    Turn web visitors into leads for free with the autoPatient chat widget! Where traditional live chat often results in a bad user experience due to lengthy response times, the autoPatient chat widget excels as it opens up a 2-way SMS, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp chat, freeing the user to leave the website but continue the conversation!​​ Out of working hours? Unavailable? The widget collects contact information so you can get back to the lead later. With the click of a button, you can set up auto-replies for out-of-work hours. Short on staff? Our AI booking bot can book appointments with patients 24/7 without you having to lift a finger.

                    Email Marketing

                    With our user friendly drag and drop email builder and proven templates, you’ll be able to create stunning and high converting email campaigns in minutes. Whether informational, promotional, booking optimized or e-commerce we’ve got you covered! Short on time or you just don’t feel like doing it? The autoPatient email marketing experts will create custom email campaign flows and templates that are proven to consistently boost your appointments, procedures, product sales and patient loyalty!

                    Analytics & Reporting Dashboard

                    All the analytics and reports in one place. Our dashboard collects all your data from Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and more to show you how your marketing is performing across all channels, and which campaigns are responsible for which sales. Our overview dashboard gives you an easy-to-understand snapshot of where your leads and patients are, your conversion rate in each pipeline stage, how much revenue is being generated and the value of the opportunities in your pipeline. Keep track of all your phone conversations with call recordings, statistics on call duration, answered and missed calls, as well as the source of the calls. Do you work with a call center or agency? Get agent reporting to measure performance. With our appointment reporting you’ll quickly be able to see your amount of booked appointments, shows, no shows and cancellations at a glimpse.


                    Nurture leads into patients on autopilot with autoPatient marketing flows. Easily customize your follow-up to gather responses from leads and keep them engaged. Create multi-channel campaigns with email, voicemail drops, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and even Instagram DMs.


                    autoPatient powers your clinic to collect payments via quick text-2-pay payment links and invoices that integrate with Stripe and PayPal. Automatically send payment requests to patients pre or post-appointments. Collect payments for products on your online shop using our customizable order forms.

                    autoPatient will never again let you worry about your practice growth!

                    See how help we help aesthetic practices grow their clinics and thrive.

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