More Patients With Paid Advertising

Elevate your brand and clinic with an unbeatable combination of search and social ads. Reach the top of search results and stay there with a Google Ads strategy designed to attract local patients to your clinic. Dominate social media with hyper targeted campaigns to your ideal patients.

With Google Ads, autoPatient will place you on top of search results quickly and will optimize for your specific services to ensure that potential patients looking for those services find and choose you. Interested patients looking for filler treatments, thread lifting, liposuction, breast or butt augmentation and more will find your clinic first before your competitors. Search ads capitalize on high intent patients already searching for the solutions you offer and raise the likelihood of conversions. They often provide immediate meaningful results.

Using Social Media Ads, we are able to target patients at an earlier stage in the journey and both educate them on available solutions to their problems, as well as promote your solutions. Social Media Ads take advantage of the massive amount of time people spend on Instagram and Facebook and reach people likely to be your patients and connect with them.

A combination of both search and social ads reaches patients across different stages in the patient journey while building authority and enhancing trustworthiness for the long run. This powers you to take control of the patient journey and guide people from stranger to paying patient.

Custom Strategy

The team of experts at autoPatient will formulate an advertising strategy tailored to the specific needs of your brand and clinic. Our proven process will uncover the top strategies for you across social media and search engines.

Target Your Ideal Patients

Targeted and personalized advertising aids in attracting your ideal patients with precision.

Set Yourself Apart

Stand apart from your competition with a unique approach and professional designs, proven to place you in the spotlight.

A Proven Process

Defining meaningful goals, accurately tracking, testing and optimizing ensures long term success.

autoPatient will never again let you worry about your practice growth!

See how help we help aesthetic practices grow their clinics and thrive.

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