Keep Patients Longer

Why your existing patients are your best prospects

Acquiring new patients consistently is undoubtedly crucial for the overall success of your aesthetic clinic. That being said, most aesthetic clinics sleep on the distinct advantages of internal marketing and neglect the possibilities they have with their current patients.

The existing relationship you share with patients and their trust in you and your clinic, removes doubts and objections to treatments and products that new and unfamiliar patients have. This makes patients far more likely to buy your products and additional treatments with shorter decision cycles and high trust in their value.

Your current patients have their “foot in the door”. Patients that have undergone a small treatment or procedure at your clinic are likely to come in for repeat treatments or even later undergo a larger treatment or procedure. For example, a patient that has done a wrinkle treatment at your practice with dermal fillers, is very likely to come again for repeat treatments and might later opt to do a facelift, mini facelift or even a blepharoplasty.

Happy patients are your best salespeople. They usually refer family, friends and coworkers to you and your clinic for free.

So how can you improve your patient loyalty and keep patients longer for free and with minimal time and effort?

Through a powerful yet easy-to-use email builder and beautiful plug and play templates; autoPatient powers your clinic to send loyalty and retention emails that keep your patients engaged, appreciated and encourage them to buy your products and book further appointments in the future. Simple automated email campaigns including post-treatment recommendations, recommended supporting products and common issues or questions they might be facing, helps show patients you care and are committed to their well-being.

Automating personalized holiday greetings, birthday blessings and gift cards builds a culture of family with your patients that improves mutual trust, and increases your overall sales. Reactivating old patients is easier than ever using our gift card and coupon campaigns that are proven to win back patients for the long-run and get you more procedure/treatment bookings for little or no cost and with zero hassle. We specialize in patient communication and build and design campaigns in a way that increases your credibility and reputation, rather than giving a cheap or salesy impression that you work hard to avoid.

autoPatient will never again let you worry about your practice growth!

See how help we help aesthetic practices grow their clinics and thrive.

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