Take Control of Your Patient Journey

Remove the blindfold and the guesswork from your practice growth.

The autoPatient visual patient pipeline manager will give you a clear picture on your patients’ entire decision making journey. It will show you how many patients are in each stage in the journey, and how long it takes them to go from click to consultation and from consultation to treatment. These metrics and data will power you to improve your conversion rates at each stage, to better distribute your marketing budget and to increase your overall sales.

A different patient pipeline is unique to each clinic. Therefore, the autoPatient pipeline manager is fully customizable to the specific needs of you and your clinic. With easy drag and drop, tracking your patients’ stage in the pipeline is quick, easy and intuitive.

The power of personalization

Having a clear understanding of where your patients are in their decision making process is what can make you stand apart from your competition as an outstanding aesthetic clinic. Rather than delivering “one size fits all” type marketing campaigns and emails that aren’t effective and can come off as salesy and cheap, this information grants you the ability to personalize your communication and to deliver relevant content to patients based on their stage in the process and unique interests. Using our smart triggers, these emails can be automated by simply dragging a patient card to the proper pipeline stage. Gain full control over the patient journey with minimal effort but maximum results.

Ask and Deliver

Many factors influence your patients' decision whether or not to go through with a treatment/surgery. Other than the experience and connection with you during the consultation, they could be evaluating their need for the treatment/surgery at all, they could be fearful of the risks involved or anticipated change, they could be thinking about the costs, or comparing you with other options. Gaining the information on what's holding your patients back from going through with the treatment/surgery gives you the power to help your patients with their decision, overcome their objections and get more sales. The data will help you improve your consultations to address frequently arising objections before they even come up. With autoPatient, you can send automated surveys to patients after consultations that have yet to book a procedure. Patients will openly share with you what's stopping them from making a decision right now and give you the opportunity to act on this information. For example, a patient might express that she still hasn't booked the breast enlargement surgery because of the high cost. Speaking with this patient about financing options might solve the problem for her as it might introduce her to a payment plan that makes this surgery easily financially viable for her. Alternatively, a liposuction candidate might respond that he wants the surgery but his wife is worried about the complications. Sending this patient further material on possible risks and complications, and how your experience mitigates those risks can be very helpful. Attaching reviews and testimonials can also be very helpful. autoPatient surveys are completely customizable and adaptable to the specific needs and wishes of your clinic.

autoPatient will never again let you worry about your practice growth!

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